Tips for Growing Parsley



Benjamin Barrone has begun a new job at Vital Proteins in Chicago as the company’s Accounting Manager, working alongside senior management on budgeting, product costing, forecasting, and laying the groundwork for the company’s accounting and finance department. In his spare time, Benjamin Barrone enjoys cooking and growing vegetables and herbs such as parsley.

In addition to bringing extra flavor and nutrition to salads, parsley adds to the visual appeal of an herb garden. It can be seeded either in containers or in the soil. Although parsley can be planted directly in the garden in spring in manageable soil, it is best to start seeds indoors about six weeks earlier.

Parsley seeds are small, so you can simply place them on top of the soil, water-misting them as needed. Once they have sprouted, distribute them with one or two seeds per pot.

When moving them to the garden, plant them in well-drained soil rich in organic material, in complete sunlight or partial shade. Aside from weeding and watering, parsley requires little care, although some mulching is beneficial.

You can harvest parsley any time the leaves begin to curl. Picking early in the morning preserves the plant’s flavor. It’s best to use parsley when fresh – however, you can also freeze it for later use. Drying it is not recommended, as when dried it loses much of its flavor.

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