A Look at the Finest Golf Courses in Chicago


Chicago Golf Club pic

Chicago Golf Club
Image: golfdigest.com

Benjamin Barrone serves Vital Proteins in Chicago, Illinois, as Director of Finance. When he is not overseeing the company’s accounting and financial activities, Benjamin Barrone is an avid golfer. He has played since age 4, and frequently enjoys a number of Chicago-area courses.

Golf Digest has announced The Best Golf Courses in Illinois for 2017-2018, and once again the top honor belongs to Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton. The club, ranked No. 14 in the United States, was first designed by C.B. Macdonald in 1897 and has required only two renovations over the course of 120 years. In fact, Macdonald’s course in Wheaton and a similarly titled course in Downers Grove both lay claim to the title of America’s first 18-hole golf course.

In 1923, longtime Macdonald associate Seth Raynor updated the Wheaton course, with each of the 18 holes drawing inspiration from famous holes at other notable courses. Raynor maintained aspects of Macdonald’s original vision, including a unique routing system that features all out-of-bounds areas to the left of the holes.

Other top-ranking courses in Illinois include Butler National Golf Club in Oak Brook, Medinah Country Club, Marshall’s Canyata Country Club, and Shoreacres at Lake Bluff.


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