Local Golf – Two Chicago Favorites


Benjamin Barrone is an avid golfer from Chicago, Illinois.  He likes to spend his summers playing local Chicago area golf courses.  Professionally, Benjamin (Ben) Barone is a finance and accounting professional who recently helped Vital Proteins, a Chicago-based startup, achieve their Series A financing through an equity infusion from CAVU Ventures.

Mr. Barrone is mostly a “weekend warrior” and plays all of the Chicagoland area on public courses.  His current favorites are Heritage Bluffs and Ravisloe, though for different reasons.  Ben describes himself as a strong putter and is at his best from inside 125 yards.  While also being a long hitter, Mr. Barrone would be the first to admit that he is less than straight off the tee and struggles to find fairways.

This type of game plays well at Heritage Bluffs, which offers more generous fairways and lacks steep penalties for an errant tee shot.  Additionally, many holes allow a golfer to miss on one side of the hole without a significant penalty.  Because Ben is able to work the ball both directions, he can frequently take the trouble out of play and score fairly well at Heritage Bluffs.

Ravisloe, meanwhile, does not offer this generosity off the tee.  As errant golf shot off the tee will result in a bogey or worse more often than not.  As a result, Benjamin Barrone says he does not score as well here and really needs to bring his best off the tee to get in position.  Even then, the greens at Ravisloe are typically of Donald Ross designs and have severe slopes that make 2-putting difficult.  Ben says he enjoys the challenge and the fact that there “is nowhere for your game to hide”.

Though he carries a handicap in the mid single digits Mr. Barrone says he hasn’t yet broken 80 at Ravisloe.  In 2018 he says he plans to work diligently to find a “go to fairway finder” off the tee to help break through this barrier.

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