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Patio Garden 2017

After experiencing great success with growing tomatoes on his patio in 2016, Benjamin Barrone is seeking out new varieties and methods of growing tomatoes over the summer of 2017.

While, Mr. Barrone’s favorite varieties tend to be larger-fruited heirlooms, he is expanding his garden to include hybrids and various “cherry” tomatoes this year too.  In total, his garden will include 13 different varieties of tomatoes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  When asked about the mix, Benjamin Barrone indicated that he likes to have a wide variety in order to increase the visual appeal on the plate.

In addition to tomatoes, Benjamin will be trying out three new varieties of basil.  After experiencing frustrating results in 2016 with basil plants he is hoping the new varieties take better to the growing conditions on his south-facing patio.

Another first for 2017 for Mr. Barrone will be various lettuces.  He is experimenting with a “salad bowl” containing two types of kale, rainbow chard and red leaf lettuce.  Lastly, some chives and cilantro remain from last year’s plantings and have been re-planted in a large pot together.